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Old Hall Special School



Speech and Language Therapy 

Hi Everyone,

We are the Speech and Language Therapy team that work in school and closely with teaching staff to discuss and model communication strategies and advice that can be implemented within the classroom. We may do some individual assessments of children, and set specific targets and advice.

We work using a Total Communication approach, meaning that we support children’s communication using a range of strategies, including;

  • Visual displays
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Workstations
  • Makaton
  • Objects of Reference


We are available to contact for any advice/ strategies throughout the year – either contact us on 01922 605400, or please let the class teacher know.


Thank you very much,

Suzanne, David and Amy




More Information:


Twitter: @SpeechWalsall


Using an Aided Language Display

A video about Aided Language Displays and how we can use them to support communication.

Using a workstation

A video about using a workstation and how it supports a child's communication skills.

NonVerbal Choice Making

A video about non-verbal choice making.

Picture to Picture Matching

A video around picture to picture matching, and how to develop this skill.

Objects of Reference

A short video about using objects of reference.

Colourful Semantics

To support your child to put simple sentences together and expand their vocabulary.

Object Matching