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Old Hall Special School

Everyone working together to achieve outstanding outcomes for our pupils and families


Bev Cullen Music Specialist

Bev Cullen, our specialist music teacher, is in school on twice a week to work with children in class groups and on a one-to-one basis.

Bev is a Makaton Tutor who specialises in using Makaton with Singing.


Class music sessions are planned to meet the needs of the pupils.

Sessions combine moving to music, singing, Makaton and the use of instruments to develop pupils’ skills in the following:

  • communication
  • turn taking
  • social interaction
  • awareness of others
  • vocalisation
  • self-confidence
  • creativity
  • spatial awareness
  • co-ordination
  • physical development

Where possible, Bev chooses songs, music and activities to link into class projects to support our curriculum.


There is also the opportunity for music sessions at lunchtimes and a Makaton Signing Choir.

The Makaton Signing Choir come together to share their singing and signing talents. This is designed to develop our most able students in vocal, signing and communication skills (some pupils use a VOCA). Pupils have performed at singing festivals and The Big Sing at Forest Arts Centre and at the Walsall SEND Conference.


Music is a huge part of school life at Old Hall, and we believe that the benefits include:

  • increased participation and engagement
  • improved communication and social skills
  • enhanced awareness of self and others
  • release of frustration in positive ways
  • personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement
  • decreased tension, anxiety and challenging behaviour
  • enjoyment and improved quality of life

Speech and Language Therapy 

Hi Everyone,

We are the Speech and Language Therapy team that work in school and closely with teaching staff to discuss and model communication strategies and advice that can be implemented within the classroom. We may do some individual assessments of children, and set specific targets and advice.

We work using a Total Communication approach, meaning that we support children’s communication using a range of strategies, including;

  • Visual displays
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Workstations
  • Makaton
  • Objects of Reference


We are available to contact for any advice/ strategies throughout the year – either contact us on 01922 605400, or please let the class teacher know.


Thank you very much,

Suzanne, David and Amy




More Information:


Twitter: @SpeechWalsall


Using an Aided Language Display

A video about Aided Language Displays and how we can use them to support communication.