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Old Hall Special School


Online Safety Pupils

How can we stay safe online and when using technology?

Our Old Hall Online Safety rules are:


Remember to:

Not share our information with strangers

Always be kind

Tell an adult if we are worried




Be SMART and follow these top tips for using the internet safely and positively!

 is for safe 

Keep your information safe. Don’t give like your full name, password or address. Remember personal information can be seen in pictures and videos you share too.

Keep them safe to keep you safe.


is for meet

Never meet someone you don’t know. If someone you only know online asks you to meet up, asks you for personal information or for photos/videos, then tell an adult straight away and report them together on


is for accepting

Think carefully before you click on or open something online. Watch out for links, adverts, friend requests and photos, as you never know where they may lead to. They may contain viruses. Do not accept something if you are unsure of who the person is or what they’ve sent you.


is for reliable

You cannot trust everything you see online as some things can be out of date, inaccurate or untrue! To find reliable information compare at least three different websites, check in books and talk to an adult about what you have found.


is for tell

Tell a trusted adult if something or someone ever makes you feel upset, worried or confused. This could be if you or someone you know is being bullied online. There are lots of people who will be able to help you like your teachers, parents, carers or Childline – 0800 11 11 or


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Online Safety Song

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