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PREVENT & Educate Against Hate

We do work with our pupils to help them have an understanding of radicalisation and extremism, at a level of their understanding.  As part of this we have been asked by the Government to share information with you as parents/carers about the current policies and support networks regarding this topic. 


Please see links to the 'Educate Against Hate' website below:


Please find below links for two animated 'Explainer films' about Prevent, introducing prevent the work of Prevent officers:


Covid-19: Tackling Misinformation

We are aware that there are a number of dangerous Covid-19 conspiracy theories circulating, which can deter people from getting vaccinated or taking other precautionary measures such as wearing masks and staying at home. Some useful resources to help cut through misinformation are linked below:

  • Platforms such as Infotagion provide a fact-checking service using sources from the WHO and Government to respond to a range of disinformation themes shared online related to COVID. 
  • The Government’s SHARE checklist provides a useful guide for how to spot false and misleading content.
  • Ofcom host a number of resources to assist on their ‘Cutting through the Covid-19 confusion’ page, which includes fact-checking content, official guidance and support for parents and children.
  • There are also resources available on Educate Against Hate aimed at promoting digital literacy, which can help children and young people to develop the skills to be think critically about information they’re presented with.