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Old Hall Special School


Forest School

Forest School at Old Hall


Forest School is a fun and unique form of outdoor learning. Activities are play-based and child-led, offering children the opportunities to explore the natural world through practical, sensory and hands-on experiences.


Children are encouraged to take risks and explore, within a safe outdoor space with support from trained Forest School leaders. Forest school leaders do not follow specific objectives, or stick to the national curriculum; rather they plan activities by observing children’s interests and actions during sessions and developing bespoke learning experiences that will motivate and encourage children to grown and learn.


Forest School provides a wealth of opportunities for children to develop a wide range of holistic skills, including;


Communication skills: The sensory experiences provided by Forest School’s helps prompt language development. Improving communication skills has a positive effect on a child’s self-esteem and is a crucial part of their development.


Social skills: Activities such as sharing tools and participating in play help teach the children to work together as a group, which strengthens their bonds and social ties.


Physical development: Both fine motor skills and gross motor skills are developed in the outdoor environment.


Emotional development: Forest School sessions help children to expand their emotional vocabulary and understand how they feel (emotional intelligence).


Confidence: Forest School helps children to grow in confidence as a result of the freedom, time and space they are given in their learning. This allows them to demonstrate independence at each individual child’s rate.


Spiritual development: This is not necessarily religious, but refers to having a sense of belonging to the wider world, being part of something bigger than yourself, and your connection to nature.


But most importantly Forest School learning is fun!