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Class Dojo


At Old Hall School we use Class Dojo as a reward system for positive behaviour as well as a modern way of communicating with parents.


Access to Class Dojo:

You can access Class Dojo through this webpage:

You can also download the Class Dojo app from the App store (Apple) or Play store (Android)- You are looking for this icon.

Signing up to Class Dojo:

You should receive a letter home with your child that provides you with a unique code and details of how to sign up to Class Dojo. If this does not work or you require a new letter, please speak to your Class teacher who can organise this for you.

Use of Class Dojo:

Your child will have their own unique ‘Avatar’ and your child’s class teacher will reward your child points throughout the day for displaying positive behaviour– you will see the amount of points your child has each day and also what they have been awarded the points for.

Your child’s Class teacher will also message you at the end of each day to inform you about your child’s day. If your child has had a difficult day, we will not discuss this via Dojo but please feel free to call school and the class teacher will be more than happy to speak with you. You can also message your child’s Class teacher if you need to and they will try their best to get back to you as soon as possible. If required, the members of SLT including Matt Ball– Executive Head, Suzanne Davies– Head of School, Tracy Tandy– Assistant Head and Sharon Barrett– Safeguarding Lead are also contactable via Class Dojo.

Your child’s Class will have a Class Story where the Class teacher will post reminders or important information regarding your child’s class. Your child also has their own individual portfolio where the Class Teacher will aim to post at least 1 photo a week of your child to keep you updated about activities they are participating in throughout the day.

We  have a school story where members of the SLT team will post important information regarding the school. Please keep an eye on the school story for new posts. Also, please keep an eye on the school website for our Class Dojo winners of the week! Within our 4 departments, the class who has been awarded the most Dojo points throughout the week will receive the Class Dojo trophy as well as a reward. The winning classes will be posted on the school website each week. The groups are:

Purple group– Elephants, Bears, Owls and Tigers.

Orange group– Early Years and Ladybirds.

Red Group– Butterflies, Pandas and Parrots.

Green group– Bumblebees, Kangaroos, Penguins, Dolphins.

Finally, at the end of each half term the child who has been awarded the most Dojo points in each class will choose a prize from our Dojo shop. Also, the child who has received the most points throughout the half term in each department/group will receive a special medal that they can take home.

If you do have any difficulties accessing Class Dojo, please inform your Class Teacher who will pass this on to myself as Class Dojo Mentor and I will be able to help you.

We hope you enjoy using Class Dojo! We looking forward to working with you.

Jess Tandy– Class Dojo Mentor.