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Old Hall Special School


Elf on the Shelf

Day 1 (1st) - Elvis Elf (The 1st) - Parachutes into Old Hall School, I wonder where he has landed?


Day 2 (2nd) Elvis is stealing the star off the Christmas tree! He’s keeping an eye from the top of the tree to make sure everyone is being good! 


Day 3 (3rd)Elvis is up to his antics again, graffitiing on the classroom windows! He did attempt one of the children’s worksheets though. 


Day 4 (4th)Elvis decided to move around the school using the hoisting systems. He got a bit stuck and is scared of falling! 


Day 5 (7th)- PUUUUULL!! Elvis is helping to put up the rebound trampoline this morning. I think he’s hoping to get a go!


Day 6 (8th) - Elvis wanted to be the Elf in the Elves and the Shoemaker story! He didn’t want to get out of bed though!


Day 7 (9th) -  It wouldn’t be elf day without Elvis! He’s helping to collect the money for Alzheimer’s Society. He loves all of the outfits! 


Day 8 (10th) - Elvis has been up to his antics yet again playing tricks on our office staff. He took one of the walkie-talkies and hid in the tree with his friend Pantosaurus.


Day 9 (11th) - Elvis visited Butterfly Class today and joined in with their Christmas activities!


Day 10 (14th) - Elvis has taken a rest and has been rearranging dragonflies decorations! 


Day 11 (15th) - Elvis spent the day in Fox Class and joined in with their Christmas activities!