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Attendance Ted

We have four attendance ted bears to represent the four departments across school, these bears are sensory, in that each one of them has a specific scent  and sound. The bears are rotated weekly so that each department will have a different bear to the previous week. The intent is that all classes will experience the bears at some point across a half term.  Each week we identify one class from each of the four departments that has had the most improved attendance that week. These classes will each receive a certificate and one of the attendance ted bears will then visit their class for the following week. The children and staff are then encouraged to share lots of fun activities with the bears, these experiences are displayed in a book next to the attendance ted display.

Each class is represented on our display by a race car, and the race is on to see which class in each department will reach the centre with the most improved attendance across the half term. At the end of the half term these classes are rewarded with a certificate, a small prize for the class to share and a sticker for each child in the winning classes to take home.

Summer Term 2

Summer Term 1

Attendance Ted - Spring Term 2

Attendance Ted Winners - Spring Term 1

Attendance Ted Winners - Autumn 2

Attendance Ted Winners - Autumn 1