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Old Hall Special School

Everyone working together to achieve outstanding outcomes for our pupils and families

Staff and Governors

Senior Management Team   Learning Support Staff
Executive Head teacher:-  Matthew Ball    Kellie Allen:- HLTA – L4
Head of School:-  Suzanne Davies    Angie Howells:- HLTA – L4
Assistant Head:- Tracy Tandy    Tracy Ponton:- HLTA -L4
SLD  Lead:- Hannah Shepherd   Kerrie Mcgreevey:- HLTA -L4
Middle Leader/PMLD:- Stephen Harper   Sarah Cunningham:- L3 Support

Middle Leader/ EYFS:- Lynn Hale


Julie Roberts:-  L3 Support

Designated Safeguarding Lead :-  Sharon Barrett 

  Tracy Smith:-  L3 Support
Teaching Staff   Jo Cooper:- L3 Support
Sally Eames:- Class Teacher   Jan Foster:- L3 Support
Simon Carrington:- Class Teacher   Sharon Sadler:- L3 support
Kam Daniel:- Class Teacher   Kamlesh Kumari :- L3 Support
Andrew Gardner:- Class Teacher   Stacy Smith:-  L3 support
Pauline Williams:- Class Teacher   Angie Corbett:- L3 Support
Simone Kynaston – Class Teacher   Donna Burns :- L3 Support
James Sadler:– Class Teacher   Phil Downes:-L3 Support
Sen Legister:- Class Teacher   Sheila Hughes:-L3 Support
Rachell Jasper:– Class Teacher   Joanne Griffiths:- L3 support
Stephen Harper:- Class Teacher   Chani Guest:- L3 support
Lynn Hale:– EYFS Class Teacher   Kiranjit Kular:-L3 support
Chani Guest:- Student Teacher   Kamm Rai:- L3 support
Melissa Cheal:– Student Teacher   Anne Rollason:-L3 support
Nathan Groves:- Class Teacher   Esther Whittingham:-L3 support
    Zoe Nye:-L3 support
 Multi-professional Team   Sue Thornton:- L3 Support
Taran Kataria :- Office Manager   Trish Harris:-  L2 Support
Jayne Crowther:- Office Clerk   Eric Battison:- L2 Support
Racheal Hayes – Receptionist   Selina Newby:- L2 Support
David Hayward:- Site Manager   Debbie Nunnick:- L2 Support
Bev Powell:- Cleaning Staff   Hayley Baugh:- L2 Support
Tracy Chapman:- Cleaning Staff   Claire Colledge:– L2 Support
Annette Weston/Jane Smith :- Assistant Nursing  Practitioners   Sian Cubberley:- L3 Support
Alice  :- Physiotherapist   Lianne French:– L3 Support
    Susan Harris:– L3 Support
    Sarah Bendall:- L2 Apprentice
    Danielle Harvey:- L3 Support
    Kirsty Hubbard:– L3 Support
    Casey Leonard:- L2 Support
    Karen Locke:- L2 Support
    Mollie Simmons:- L2 Support
    Taryn Holdcroft:– L2 Support
    Donna Lovett:- L2 Support
    Gurjeet Sohal:– L3 Support
    Chloe Steadman:– L2 Support
    Taryn Holdcroft :- L2 Support
    Kelly Isaac:- L2 Support
    Molly Simmons:– L2 Support
    Tina Smith:– L2 Support
    Helen Steadman:- L2 Support


Should you need to contact the Chair of Governors, please contact the school directly or email the Clerk at: