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Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy Intent

Rebound Therapy is a wonderful resource that provides children, with a wide range of needs, with a fun, motivating route into therapeutic exercise and recreation through the use of a specialist trampoline.


Rebound Therapy is used to:

Facilitate movement

Promote balance

Promote an increase or decrease in muscle tone

Promote relaxation

Promote sensory integration

Improve fitness and exercise tolerance

Develop communication skills


Staff have been trained to support all children who use the trampoline to experience and develop movement in a safe manner. They have been taught how to help each child who participates to progress through the different movement patterns that the programme facilitates and to support additional physical needs of pupils.

Additionally staff have gained insight into the range of ways that the trampoline can be used to develop communication and social skills.


Although it has only recently been introduced to the school curriculum, all children who have taken part in Rebound Therapy have all shown great excitement and an increase in confidence when using the trampoline. It is another way in which we try to broaden the horizons of our pupils in their development and we look forward to seeing more and more positive impacts for our pupils in the future.


“The essential value is that, for a brief moment, ‘earth’ is left behind, and new freedom is found in controlled movement away from gravity’s straightjacket, in a sort of relaxed ‘poetry of motion’ available to all, irrespective of any disability.”

Eddy Anderson, Founder of Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy