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Old Hall Special School

Everyone working together to achieve outstanding outcomes for our pupils and families

PMLD Curriculum

PMLD Curriculum Intent

At Old Hall we strive to offer a differentiated sensory curriculum that focuses on the importance of developing life skills through offering opportunities for hands on experiences. The curriculum is creatively taught with a sensory focus. This helps to ensure that sessions are planned and delivered in conjunction with the rolling programme of thematic topics and all teaching is individualised.

The intent of our Department is to develop and promote independence and quality of life through a culturally rich environment.

It is a common misconception of pupils with profound and multiple learning disabilities that they are unable to learn or achieve academically. In the first instance, the word disability is the biggest misunderstanding since the widely known definition of disable is to be ‘not able’. Students with a learning disability can learn; they simply learn differently. The practical implications of the words we use to describe people take a long time to gain general recognition, and even longer to change. For this reason, at Old Hall we have re-envisioned the definition of ‘PMLD’ to advocate pupil voice and promote independent learning.


What does PMLD stand for at Old Hall School?

P is for PROGRESS - Our focus is on marginal gains and meaningful progression steps

M is for MEMORIES - Fun! We offer creatively presented tangible experiences to scaffold long term memory

L is for LEARNING - Our focus is on communication, cognition, physical development and independent life skills

D is for DIVERSITY - We celebrate and champion diversity within the department and expand pupil awareness of cultural and social life experiences—focus on cultural capital

Additional provision to compliment the curriculum such as a wide range of holistic therapies are carried out by the staff within the department. The staff in the department strive to provide impeccable care for all pupils in addition to supporting them to access an enriching and meaningful education.