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School Update 1.6.20

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are all well. My letter today is an update on our plans for the coming half term. We have received guidance that states Special Schools should focus on providing places based on children and young people’s needs. We have placed an increased number of pupils this week, and subject to ongoing risk assessment, this will be increased gradually and carefully over the coming weeks, at a safe capacity.


Risk Level is High

Social distancing between adults and children is impossible in our schools. My risk assessment is an honest appraisal of our circumstance, and demonstrates that our required manner of working will place staff and children at high risk. I would like you to know that as many of the risks as possible have been reduced – but risks will remain through the very nature of our work.


We will manage Risk…

  • Our plans will be Gradual, Careful and Safe
  • We will put the safety and welfare first
  • We will operate a ‘safe capacity’, not beyond
  • PPE will be available to staff
  • Excellent hygiene practice will be upheld
  • Social Distancing will be upheld where possible
  • We will act in the best interest of our school community
  • We will put health guidance as a priority

… but, risks will remain

  • We cannot guarantee virus immunity
  • Provision may change at short notice
  • We may do behaviour risk assessments where there may be a health risk. Outcomes may affect the offer of provision.
  • Social Distancing and non-contact will not always be possible
  • Education guidance may conflict with health guidance – health will be prioritised.


There remains no penalty for non-attendance, and current arrangements for remote education and safeguarding will continue. Please inform your class teacher if you wish to ‘opt-out’ from a school place if you have not already done so. You will be supported in this decision, and the home learning and communication with school will carry on.


I hold concerns about the safety of our young people, and our staff. School leaders and governors retain the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding health and safety based on our own risk assessments. If these change, I will write to you again to let you know.


Yours faithfully,


M Ball, Executive Headteacher.