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School re-opening plans. Matt Ball EHT

School Re-Opening - Plans and Considerations



Dear Parent and Carers,

As you are aware, the government has announced plans to reopen schools. I am writing to you now, with a message on our approach, based on the challenges faced by our very special settings.

Important notes for you -

There is still an ongoing pandemic. If you can safely keep your child at home, you should do so. 

There will be no attendance penalty at all for keeping your child away from school.

We will put the safety and welfare at the front of our planning, but will not be able to guarantee virus immunity, based on the nature of our work, and children and young people’s needs.

 We do plan to open to a ‘safe capacity’ of pupils from June 1st 2020, subject to guidance.

The ‘safe capacity’ of pupils is based on the building, social distancing and staff availability.

You will need to ‘opt-in’ if you wish your child to be placed on our rota for provision. 

The more that ‘opt-in’, the less provision there will be to share around.  

If you do not ‘opt-in’, current arrangements for remote education and safeguarding will continue.

What is provided one week may change the next. If something is not working, or we feel we cannot comply with government guidance, we will risk assess and take decisions as necessary solely with your children in mind, even if this means ‘backward steps’ in terms of building access or pupil capacity.

This is an up-to-date and transparent view of our leadership and governor’s stance on our current situation. Should government guidance be change, we will re-assess our plans and inform you immediately. I want to reassure you all again that our school leaders and governors are still the people who know our schools best. If government guidance cannot be safely applied in our school, we retain the right and responsibility, along with our governors, to make decisions regarding health and safety based on our own risk assessments. With that, we will be continuing to offer our feedback to the government. We will not put any member of our community at risk; we will act gradually, with care, and with health and safety in mind at all times.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M Ball Executive Headteacher