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Old Hall Special School

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Early Years Curriculum

Early Years Curriculum Intent

The intent of our Early Years Curriculum at Old Hall is to adapt the four themes and principles of the EYFS to  address the needs of our very special pupils.


A Unique Child

The curriculum in Early Years is based around planned, purposeful and fun play activities geared to meet the complex and varied needs of our pupils. Pupils work towards individualised targets  through a balance of both child Initiated and adult directed skill based activities. The Early Years curriculum takes into account the individual learning styles of the pupils providing a range of activities that encompass sensory, exploration and play.


Enabling Environments

The environment in Early Years is set up in a way that  is accessible to all pupils regardless of need. Practitioners support pupils to interact with their environment as needed. Planned continuous provision play activities are provided to enable pupils to develop their skills across the seven areas of learning taking into account the wide variety of needs and levels of support needed by individuals.


Positive Relationships

Warm, sensitive relationships are integral to the success of the Early Years curriculum. Sensitive and intentional interactions allow children to learn through play in a way and at a pace that suits individual pupils. Keyworkers develop responsive relationships with their key children encouraging and celebrating their individual effort and marginal gains whilst encouraging independence within the ability of each individual pupil.


Learning and Development

Pupil’s in Early Years at Old Hall learn in very different ways and at a very different pace needing a whole range of different types of support. The intent of our curriculum is to support our pupils to foster the characteristics of  effective learning in ways appropriate to their individual needs and developmental levels and to make progress across the areas of  learning however small those marginal gains may be.

Early Years Topic Plan