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Black History Month 2020

As you may or may not be aware, the month of October is recognised annually within the UK as Black History Month. Old Hall have been champions of celebrating different cultures and this year is no different as we looked to further enrich the learning of our pupils whilst also recognising a very important part of world history. Throughout the month of October at Old Hall we celebrated Black History Month, learning about different aspects of Black culture in an effective, empowering and most of all enjoyable way. We asked for contributions of ideas from all staff members and parents on Class Dojo to enable parents contribute to this in any way that possible so that we are able to represent black culture both within our school and our extended community.


Our aspirations for Black History Month was for this to be an opportunity for all of us to learn new things, try new things and recognise positive history that deserves to be celebrated. We wanted the atmosphere surrounding the topic of Black History to become a lot more open. Teaching it across the month was not only a positive experience for the pupils, but also for staff that may not have much prior knowledge about this subject.


Classes each created pieces of work across the curriculum subjects throughout the month then showcased our wonderful work in an exhibition in the hall at the end of October. Pupils had the opportunity to taste food from the Caribbean, listen to a variety of genres of music from Black Culture, explore hairstyles, learn about influential people and explore items from countries across Africa and the Caribbean through interactive displays in different areas across school. WOW moments for pupils were also highlighted throughout the month and displayed within the exhibition. We understood that elements of Black History need to be approached with sensitivity, particularly within the current climate and events of this year and a wonderful WOW moment received from a parent on Class Dojo beautifully highlights exactly what we were trying to achieve throughout this month.

Overall, the month was a huge success! Pupils and staff alike were engaged throughout the month, utilising the interactive displays, becoming fully immersed in the theme of the month and there was a really positive atmosphere around school.

We look forward to Black History Month 2021 celebrations!

Virtual Exhibition

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